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State of the art

No corporation should say what websites should or shouldn’t be available to us, or the speed in which they load. By using ModernTLD and OpenNIC you no longer have to question your ISP’s motives, and can rest assured that your connection to the Internet is safe.



ModernTLD provides free domain registration services to everybody, giving your webservers their very own home on the web. The registry and DNS systems are open source and governed democratically, eliminating financial corruption from our administrators.


Automatically provisioned

Our registry services and DNS servers anonymize all requests, and we only ask for an email and password when signing up for our basic services. You don't even have to use our DNS servers to access our domains: OpenNIC operates a multitude of alternative Tier 2 servers to choose from.

Premium Services

Coming Soon!


Proxy Services

Browse the OpenNIC internet privately, or just use our proxy to browse without changing DNS settings! Coming soon!


API Access

Change your domain settings and records en masse with our simple HTTP API. Coming Soon!


Always-On IRC

Use our IRC servers to stay connected to your favorite IRC channels, including #OpenNIC and #ModernTLD, even when your computer is turned off! Coming soon!


Installation and Support

Premium email support and domain/server installation is a must for any business — Join the OpenNIC network in a snap, coming soon!



OpenNIC is a user owned and controlled Network Information Center offering a democratic, non-national, alternative to the traditional Top-Level Domain registries. Users of OpenNIC DNS servers, in addition to resolving host names in the legacy ICANN DNS, can resolve host names in the OpenNIC operated namespaces with which we have peering agreements.

ModernTLD currently provides services and registrations for the “.o” TLD on the OpenNIC network, with more TLDs in the works.

While OpenNIC may seem confusing to many new users, it’s quite simple to setup and start browsing. By following some simple guides you can be up and running in no time!

Why won't ".o" sites load?

“.o” exists on an alternative DNS network called OpenNIC. While we are the largest growing alternative root zone on the internet, many users still cannot access the TLDs we provide. You can access our domains easily by changing some simple settings on your computer or router.

OpenNIC works best by supplementing existing domains on the ICANN network, unless you are certain all your users will be able to change their DNS servers. In the future we will be offering services that make this transition much easier.

Alternatively, if you're certain your computer is configured correctly, it may be the fault of the server operator. Try some websites that are more likely to be online, such as example.o, opennic.o, or be.libre.

Can I support ModernTLD in any way?

The best way to help us is donating Bitcoin to the following address: 16HiDkcj8oYLv5LnfjMa5qzWmY1xEVcuog

Your contributions will help us keep the registration and infrastructure services we provide up and running for everybody, and keep your domain’s uptime guaranteed.

Alternatively, you can purchase premium services (coming soon) or volunteer to help the OpenNIC project by donating or providing a T2 DNS server. Learn more about providing a server on OpenNIC’s homepage.

I have another question!

Please, please, read through this website (or at least the Getting Started and About Us sections) first! If your question is still unanswered, you can contact the relevant people via these means:

If you have a question about how ModernTLD operates, about the .o TLD, or about the services we provide, stop by our IRC channel and leave a message, one of us will try to respond as soon as possible.

If you have a question about OpenNIC, the underlying DNS infrastructure of the OpenNIC project, or anything else pertaining to OpenNIC that we do not control, please visit for information on how to directly contact them.


ModernTLD provides DNS and “.o” registrations for free, forever. To help keep us running, please consider purchasing paid services or donating using the methods below:

BTC: 3L6rgbypntMxpbz2Yrzf6iZsFWvE1AgMSU

We appreciate any and all donations, no matter the size!